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Does Tommaso have the best surf style on land?

It must be pretty tough being a surfer from Italy. For most of the year, the surf is flat, cold and there are limited spots to choose from. But one of the best spots to surf in Italy is a reef break place called Banzai, just 60 minutes drive from Rome.


Banzai is home to one of Italy’s most stylish surfers named Tommaso Geraci. He’ll be out there when its pumping and when its not, he’ll be practicing on his SmoothStar. Due to a lack of consistent swell from the Mediterranean Sea, Tommaso uses SmoothStar to simulate and strengthen his surfing skills.


The similarities in his surfing are unbelievable, both on his back hand and forehand.


So when the swell does arrive at his local break, he enjoy more of what he loves, feeling the energy of the ocean and the energy that it gives him, just Tomasso, his surfboard and the ocean. Simplicity.


Tommaso has been riding SmoothStar for over 2 years now. He is a qualified surf coach and provides coaching on land with students that want to improve their surfing from beginner to intermediate. Its a rewarding job because he makes people happy.


What’s Tommaso’s SmoothStar/Surf advice?

“you have to think about being constantly on a wave, surf more time than you can on your SmoothStar when you are not in the water and you will feel the results”

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